Winnac was merged with Acronainen Co., Ltd. on December 16, 2021.
Employment of persons with disabilities

Winnac Co., Ltd. is a third-sector system that employs a large number of people with severe disabilities.
We strive to create a workplace where people with disabilities can work with confidence and pride, aiming for independence.

Employment status of disabled and healthy people
(as of March 1, 2013)
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Business content

Die casting

Casting Section
Aluminum die casting
Piston by gravity casting (gravity casting)
Manufacture of engine parts such as connecting rods

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Mold manufacturing

Mold Section Design Room Design Room
Die casting mold design and manufacturing
Plastic mold design and manufacturing
Gravity mold design and manufacturing

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Parts processing

Processing Section Processing Section
Deburring of various metal parts
Puff processing
Hairline finish, etc.
Surface finish
Processing of various machine parts by CNC lathe, etc.

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Plug assembly

Plug for model small engine plug silencer
Model small engine plug assembly processing
Manufacture and processing of silencer for model small engine

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Recycled toner: The business was transferred to Winworks, a general incorporated association. 2021/10

Recycling room Recycled Cartridge
Regeneration of toner cartridges for laser printers

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