[Main factory]
(Casting equipment)   
die casting machine 530t1trimming press9
die casting machine 375t1PF device5
die casting machine 350t2water softener1
die casting machine 250t3super cool5
die casting machine 125t1contour machine2
Mel Keeper4pneumatic blaster1
melting furnace6  
(machining equipment)   
Horizontal NC lathe5Small collet type NC lathe1
Vertical NC piston reference processing machine2automatic cycle drilling machine5
Vertical NC oval processing machine2tapping drilling machine1
Two spindle NC piston automatic processing machine1General-purpose lathe1
NC lathe with horizontal loader2General purpose milling cutter1
tapping center14Composite NC lathe1
machining center1Fully automatic NC processing machine1
(Measuring instrument)   
automatic coordinate measuring machine1vacuum dryer3
Roundness measuring machine1air micro3
Contour shape measuring machine1X-ray inspection equipment1
micro vickers1Compressor operation test machine1
microscope1Universal testing machine with constant temperature chamber (50kN)1
surf test2Emission spectrometer1
rockwell hardness tester1Twin-shaft high viscosity mixer1
Projector1digital viscometer1
compressor5image measuring instrument1
TIG welding robot1Alkaline ion cleaning machine2
[Saikazaki Factory]
(Casting equipment)   
die casting machine 350t2PF device3
die casting machine 250t2super cool3
die casting machine 125t1GDC twin piston casting machine4
melting furnace9GDC inclined connecting rod casting machine2
T6 heat treatment machine1GDC vertical connecting rod casting machine1
T5 heat treatment machine2sprue cutting machine7
  press machine4
(machining equipment)   
tapping center3vacuum cleaner4
NC lathe5tapping machine4
buffing machine2Vibrating barrel polishing machine1
dust collector2  
(Mold design and production)   
Business content   
CADCAM system3Universal tool polishing machine1台
Auto CAD3radial pole board1台
machining center4overhead traveling crane2台
electrical discharge machine3Flipping/pressing machine1台
wire cutting machine1General-purpose lathe1台
surface grinder1argon welding machine1台
NC milling machine1spark depot1台
[Tanabe Factory]
Hydraulic hot press 500t1JIS constant speed friction tester1台
Hydraulic hot press 150t3Centrifugal brake durability tester1台
Hydraulic hot press 100t4Die casting piston automatic production line3ライン
4-unit hydraulic hot press 100t1Roundness measuring instrument1台
Triple hydraulic hot press 100t1Contour shape measuring device1台
Hydraulic hot press 50t1Emission spectrometer1台
2 series automatic temporary forming press 10t1NC lathe with horizontal loader2台
air press2tapping center2台
lining polishing machine7Double-headed buffing machine1台
Hot air heat treatment furnace9die casting machine 80t1台
rotary surface grinder1  
[Numazu Factory]
Dry air tightness inspection device1air press3台
buffing machine1tapping machine7台
vacuum cleaner1multi-axis tap1台
Endless1tabletop drilling machine1台